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Thinking of cabinetry? At Perk's we have nearly 100 standard door styles in nearly 400 color combinations. Need help with a design? Perk's has 4 designers on staff to help you with your layout. Thinking of replacing countertop? At Perk's we continue to offer laminate countertop, with the latest colors and finish options. The budget minded consumer will find laminate an excellent value with infinite color possibilites to compliment any decor.
Want something other than laminate? How about the molded seamless look of solid surface-with many fabrication and color options solid surface from Perk's is a great choice. Thinking of Granite or Quartz? Perk's offers over 300 colors in Granite and Quartz. Stop in and have one of our friendly salespeople talk to you about your project.
Other Services: Countertops
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Perk's Cabinetry Questions and Answers
Cabinet Types? Semi-Custom
Cabinet Services? Design, Install
Provide References? Yes
Customers Served? Residential, Commercial / Institutional

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Perk's Cabinetry Location and Contact Info
South Marinette, WI:
W1860 Highway 41
South Marinette, WI 54143

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Perk's Cabinetry Testimonials
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"definitely recommend Perk's Cabinetry..." - Luanne Glovacki
When my husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen, we did not really have an idea in mind of how we could change the layout. Although we had multiple plans submitted, they were basically the same as what we had with different cabinets and countertops. When we received the Perk's design we were impressed with the orginality and unique style the designer adapted to our space and specific needs. When construction started they were very attentive, making sure everything was installed according to plan.

We are very happy with our kitchen now and have had many compliments on the design. We would definitely recommend Perk's Cabinetry to anyone considering a kitchen remodel.

- Luanne Glovacki
"everything is beautiful!..." - Hoss and Pat
Perk's Cabinetry did excellent work for us, everything is beautiful! The guys did an excellent job installing it. We would recommend you to anyone.
- Hoss and Pat
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