Harbor Place Woodcraft, Inc.

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For over 25 years we have specialized in the design, construction and installation of High End Custom Furniture for Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas.
Harbor Place was created almost 30 years ago in response to a need that still exists today: providing high quality wood products that are what the customer wants. Many times a consumer is forced to buy what a shop has for sale and not what they actually need. At Harbor Place, we consistently exceed our clients needs and expectations.
Other Services: Wine Storage, Furniture, Vanities, Garages, and more
Harbor Place Woodcraft, Inc. Questions and Answers
Cabinet Types? True Custom (Built by us)
Cabinet Services? Design, Build, Install
Years in Business? 34
Customers Served? Residential, Commercial / Institutional

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Harbor Place Woodcraft, Inc. Location and Contact Info
3555 Valley Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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