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Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design,LLC offers creative design solutions and materials for kitchens, bathrooms, office, living rooms and more. Our goal is to create unique timeless kitchens and bathrooms using our vast resources in cabinetry, counter tops, hardware, metal, glass, wood, tile and mirror. We have that winning combination of designer vision and realistic builder's perspective to offer you innovative and functional design.
Not your average kitchen design studio selling cabinetry. Our personal attention is given to each and every client with a high level of customer service and quality expectations. Our many cabinet lines range from stock, semi-custom to full custom cabinetry in framed and frameless style with all doorstyle options, construction and overlay options available depending on your budget and vision.
Specialties: Extensive design experience and knowledge of cabinetry and layout having worked in all aspects of cabinetry from design and fabrication to installation. Customer service is my main priority.
Other Services: Countertops, Decorative Hardware, Tile Selection and material, Flooring Selection and material and more.
Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC Questions and Answers
Cabinet Types? Stock (Pre-Fab), Semi-Custom
Cabinet Services? Design, Install
Computer Rendering? Yes
Customers Served? Residential

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Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC Location and Contact Info
25 Linbergh Street
Fairfield, CT 06824

Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC Gallery Pictures
Portfolio Picture Kitchens Medium
Simple beauty
White frameless cabinet perimeter and stained maple island with wainscot.
Category: Kitchens
Portfolio Picture Kitchens Medium
Traditional and modern white paint with a glaze and wood stained island.
Category: Kitchens
Portfolio Picture Kitchens Medium
Industrial Fashion
Unique custom finished stainless steel cabinetry with burmese teak countertop and exotic hematite bar top.
Category: Kitchens
Portfolio Picture Kitchens Medium
Shaker Classic
White framed full overlay doors, crisp and clean design with white factory sealed carrara stone tops.
Category: Kitchens
Portfolio Picture Bathrooms Medium
Classic Bath
Simple shaker style in a small bath vanity and medicine cabinet with white carrara top.
Category: Bathrooms
Portfolio Picture Other Rooms Medium
Fireplace Makeover
Custom woodworking, paint and stone on this once old cream brick fireplace with raised fire slate hearth. The fire slate hearth still remains.
Category: Other Rooms
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Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC Testimonials
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"well-designed and efficiently functioning kitchen..." - P.Sterman Stamford, CT
It was a real joy to work with Melissa on designing my new kitchen. As you would expect from anyone who works in the kitchen design business, she is knowledgeable about what is out there, what it takes to create a well-designed and efficiently functioning kitchen, pays close attention to all the details that designing a kitchen requires, and above all listens to your input and incorporates it into her finished design. However, Melissa brings a skill to the process that none of the other designers I interviewed had. She has the facility to sit and draw design solutions freehand - right on the spot based on your descriptions or tear sheets from magazines. Her ability to do this helped me enormously because it allowed me to visualize what the final kitchen would look like and I could see ahead of time (before ordering expensive cabinets) whether or not I was going to be happy with the final result.
- P.Sterman Stamford, CT
"I wouldn't change a thing!..." - Cheryl Alter, Milford, CT
I just completed a kitchen renovation using Melissa Adinolfi at Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design. This is the 3rd kitchen that I've renovated, and by far was the easiest project. Melissa came to my house with all the samples of cabinet doors and finishes. She came up with an excellent design and drew up plans for both the kitchen and removal of adjoining walls. She worked closely with the general contractor and was there every step of the way. The kitchen came out great, I wouldn't change a thing!
- Cheryl Alter, Milford, CT
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