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Most of my adult life has been devoted to fine wood working and restoration. I do simple or complicated fine interior finish work; design and build custom and reproduction cabinets, book shelves, doors, for new and antique homes. My methods of construction are based upon traditional master craftsmen's techniques. I can reproduce missing pieces or antique moldings to restore doors, windows, and cabinets, or build items to match or blend with existing structures, artifacts or previous handiwork.
My proposals for custom furniture include specific working drawings with final agreed on details of construction, materials and pricing. I guarantee all of my work to be of the highest quality, and to meet all specifications and deadlines.
Specialties: I also repair and restore furniture, and period antiques.
Other Services: Stairways, Doors, Custom Woodworking of almost any kind. The best way to see what I can do is to visit my web site.
Web Site:
Bradbury Woodworking Questions and Answers
Cabinet Types? True Custom (Built by us)
Cabinet Services? Design, Build, Install, Repair
Years in Business? 30+
Warranty? Yes
I guarantee all my work.
Provide References? Yes

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Customers Served? Residential, Commercial / Institutional
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Bradbury Woodworking Location and Contact Info
Lee, NH 03861

Bradbury Woodworking Gallery Pictures
Portfolio Picture Other Rooms Medium
Foot board
Foot board was made from a photograph, and the head board. Movers lost the original. Painting by Elizabeth Hollinger.
Category: Other Rooms
Portfolio Picture Other Rooms Medium
Formal Custom cabinet
Cabinet built to match formal interior finish in living room. Houses CD, DVD players, receiver, and amplifier as well as CDs, DVDs, etc. Left upper shelves to display family treasures.
Category: Other Rooms
Portfolio Picture Other Rooms Medium
Before storage
Previous owner had built in this storage
Category: Other Rooms
Portfolio Picture Other Rooms Medium
After Storage, closet, bureau
Wall redesigned and rebuilt by Bradbury Woodworking to incorporate built ins to house all the stuff young boys have.
Category: Other Rooms
Portfolio Picture Other Rooms Medium
Custom mahogany combination door
Door custom built to owner's specifications for front entry door. Screen insert looks exactly like the one here for winter.
Category: Other Rooms
Portfolio Picture Other Rooms Medium
Solid mahogany jewelry box
Solid mahogany jewelry box with royal blue velvet lined shelves. 6" high, 11" wide, and 7" deep.
Category: Other Rooms
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Bradbury Woodworking Testimonials
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"perfect match to the existing cabinets!..." - Bill, Dover, NH
I was looking for a skilled cabinet maker that could modify a 20 year old cabinet to allow me to install a microwave above our range. I had contacted other cabinet makers and many told me that it was unlikely that they could match the cabinet. I found Arthur's website during a web search and I sent Arthur some pictures in an email.

Arthur responded and after looking at the pictures, believed he could make something that would work for me. I met with Arthur and I was immediately impressed just by talking to him. I left my cabinet with him and told him to do whatever he thought would look good. When I picked up the cabinet I could not believe what I saw. The cabinet far exceeded what I expected. I figured I would have to settle with something that was "acceptable" since this was a major change to a 20 year old cabinet, however what I received was a perfect match to the existing cabinets! My wife and I could not be any happier with the results and to be honest I am a hard one to please when it comes to details. To top all this off the price was extremely reasonable for the amount of work that was done. Arthur is a true master craftsman that understands the importance of details. I feel very lucky to... (Click highlight for full review)

- Bill, Dover, NH
"stickler for detail and perfection..." - P & L, Dover, NH
I met Arthur 23 years ago when I was building a new home. Arthur fabricated and installed a multitude of exceptionally fine cabinets and bookcases for the library, interior mahogany doors, mantle pieces, and detail on the stairway. Some photos are on his website. A few years ago my wife and I decided to have an entertainment center and an accordion display case for our accordions made. Knowing how Arthur is a stickler for detail and perfection we asked Arthur to do the job for us. As expected the entertainment center and the display case came out perfect. When we have guests over we are always complimented on the design and detail of these beautiful pieces of furniture. Arthur is a true craftsman and we highly recommend him to anybody.
- P & L, Dover, NH
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